Thursday, July 5, 2012

An Unsent Letter to Becky

Yesterday, I celebrated our independence from the British in my own way: making collages with two of my favorite homies while drinking beer floats and watching Friends reruns on TBS. While I was leafing through my mountainous stash of colored paper, I found an old sketch book that had an unsent to Becky, who I guess was staying in Colorado at the time. This letter is comically so 2007.

The cut off part says "still be my friend." My scanner is smaller than the notebook. 

The cut off part says "19!"

Here are some things you should know about the context of the letter.
  • It was during the period of two years where I wanted to give everything a unibrow.
  • I figured out the microderm abrasion thing. I now own one of these
  • I had a fashion mullet, which to be honest I miss. I am currently trying to figure out a grown-up version. 
  • The dude whose mix-tape I was referring to was this guy my friend thought I might like. I never ended up meeting him in person because he told me my major was stupid via email and sent me his Friendster profile which featured a track list of last four mixes he'd made. A couple months later we bumped into him at Mountain Goats show and he fell on my friend Noel. 
  • I was about to start my last semester of college which was probably why I was so into Serge Gainsbourg. 
  • I was still buying CDs! 

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KelleyO said...

Oh my dear,
What would you say about your uncle teo who still loves Serge G and listened to the goats way back then. He did loose the mullet in 92....but back then we didn't know it was a mullet. hummm. A curly poodle mullet.