Thursday, March 19, 2009

Books Typeface

So, I guess after the tampon typeface, this one will be a little less exciting. It took a lot more work, obvs. And I think it's really pretty.

Again if you want a closer view, just click the image.

Tampon Typeface

So a few weeks ago in my type class we were assigned to make a typeface out of "found" objects. I made two. This one, out of tampons, and another one out of stacked up books (which I will upload later).

Click for a bigger view.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fun with Spot Color

I had too much fun with spot color and opacity in InDesign today.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Final Poster

I am dumb and I didn't put up my personal poster when I finished it, which was, like, a week and a half ago. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.

The idiot at the copy shop keep messing up, so I ended up with a lot of extra prints. I had a blank wall yesterday, I don't have one today.

Snow Daze

So, today, the East Coast fell victim to a substantial snow fall. So much snow in fact that school was canceled, which I guess means that today was my first ever snow day.

Becca (the roomie) also got off work. So we decided to eat snacks and watch Wayne's World and Wayne's World Two, both of which are fine films.

This soda, called Champagne Cola, tasted like a combination of cream soda and bubblegum. The whole thing only cost 99 cents.

Becca investigating.

And not being too impressed with the results.

Also, check out this hilarious snack, Munchies. It, indeed, is a good cheese fix.

After a couple of hot toddies, I fell asleep. It was nice, but lazy days just mean I have to work twice as hard tomorrow. But I'm not going to think about that now.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I usually hate shit like flash mobs and Improv Everywhere. It epitomizes the most annoying thing about bad theater: It is more about the performer than the audience and it takes up more time, than say a bad painting or something. Also, I think that audiences should have the right to consent to viewing a performance. It shouldn't just happen to you; you should be asked first.

Anyway, I obviously think about this stuff too much. But all that said. I love this video by Beirut, even if it just happening on the street.