Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Second Draft

So, last week I shared the first draft of my self-poster. This is my second draft. After I get critiqued tonight, I will start my final draft, which I will share with y'all next week.

This is the whole thing:

And here are some details:

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Self Poster, the rough draft

Some people (*cough Becky*) expressed some interest in seeing some stuff I am working on at Parsons. For my Process and Design class, we are making posters of ourselves. We aren't allowed to use computers. It has to be pretty lo-fi. If we use any type (do I sound like a designer yet?), it has to be found. The pictures we took of ourselves had to be taken at a photobooth. Then we photocopy and enlarge as much as we want.

This is a very rough draft! I will improve in the coming weeks. I swear.

This was the process:

I got my type from the boarding pass from my flight to New York.

The finished draft:

Yeah, it needs some work, but I think I am going to have working on it.

proof I need to go grocery shopping

So, I am already in full school mode, which means that I have a hard time doing normal everyday activities, like doing laundry and buying groceries. One of the wonderful things about living in New York is that you can pay someone to do your laundry and one of the wonderful things about living in an un-gentrified part of Brooklyn is that paying someone to do your laundry is cheap! Of course, there is the danger of losing your pants on the street, where they will fall victim to snowfall, being walked upon, peed on, etc .

But the food thing is still proving to be a problem. I don't know what my problem is. I live really close to lots of grocery stores. This was my breakfast this morning:

That would be a bowl of canned black beans. I don't think even an Englishman would consider this an okay breakfast.

Also, check out my celery. It's so comical!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dutch Discarded Bananas

A year ago, I was in the Netherlands hanging out with my mom for a couple of months and avoiding becoming a valuable member of society. I spent most of my days going to museums and wandering around different cities and taking pictures of whatever I found interesting. Because I am Sahar, the things I found most intriguing were "garbage," "trash," "refuse."

Exhibit A: A Gigantic Pile of Trash Floating In a Canal in Rotterdam.

You get the idea. It goes without saying that Oscar the Grouch was my favorite on Sesame Street.

I noticed a trend among these overly civilized Western Europeans. They liked to litter. More specifically, they like to discard their banana peels willy nilly. I tried to document this phenomenon. Unfortunately, for me and for those suffering from schadenfreude, I didn't see anyone slip on any loose peels.

Would you find any of this appealing?

On a bus to Zandvoort.

On a doorstep in the Hague.

This was actually inside the Gemeente Museum (a world renowned art museum) in the Hague.

Some one in this train to Amsterdam put this in the trash. How quaint.

On the beautiful brick streets of Leiden.

I am not too sure where this picture was taken, but there is something vuglar about the way it is just open and splayed for everyone to gawk at.

Color theory and color reality.

So, a lot has changed in the month that's past since my last entry. I moved to New York City and I have been at Parsons the New School For Design for one week. I am going to have to do a Reed College amount of work. What comes ahead is both daunting and exciting.

Today I finished my color wheel for Color Theory. We are going to be graded on precision. Unfortunately, I have the motor skills of a cat. I hope that the instructor will have mercy on me.

I swear I have a system going on here.

The finished wheel.

Even if I am failing at making color wheels, I am seeing pretty color all over.

I've started wearing tights under my leggings. I only have on pair of "real" pants without a hole in them somewhere and it is far too cold here to wear holey jeans. I like making crazy color combination, if I am the only one that gets to see them.

My breakfast the other day was down right comely.

Becca (my new roomie) and I have decided to redecorate.

We just need some more frames and some nails.