Sunday, November 21, 2010

If You Are My Friend, I Will Make You Things Eventually

Lately, I've had a lot of time on my hands. I've been doing crap, like this and this among other things. (Please hire me! I make nice stuff! Check it out here.)

One of the things I do often that I enjoy the most is make little presents for my friends. If you are sad, messed up physically (or mentally), or just turning 31 or something, I will make you a card or mixed CD or like, a photoshopped picture of robot wearing a bow tie (I have not actually made that, but I will eventually). I'd like to share with you some recent things I've made to show my affection toward some awesome people.


Adam is my coolest friend who I rarely see. You should check out his site and look at his beautiful video art. The problem with being friends with cool, smart, nice people is that they have lots of friends and therefore they are hard to track down. He is the best person to go to karaoke with and I am afraid that everyone else seems to know that too.

A few months ago, Adam turned 31, which is an age a person can be. I made him this very sophisticated card. If you are a follower of my work (Hi Mom! Hi Dad!), you'll notice the motifs of skeletons, dinosaurs, and cuddly things. Sorry that the photo quality is so bad, I took the pictures with my phone in a dark room.

This is the outside.

If you can't read my chicken scratch handwriting, it says "You are 31 because you haven't died yet! Love! Sahar." Adam says it is the most accurate card he has ever received.


Marianna and I once shared the grossest apartment any girls have ever lived in (the grossness of boys is held to a higher standard). Seriously, after one crazy weekend, our place looked like an anti-drug commercial. She is also very pretty. She is so pretty that you can see her beauty despite the fact that she wears high waisted pleated floral shorts that she buys on sale at thrift stores. To reiterate that is not "for sale," but "on sale." At thrift stores.

She and her boyfriend broke up and she was sad, so I decided to make her a sad mix to listen to while wallowing in self-pity. I am one to mope. Sometimes you just need to lie down in the dark, put on Antony and the Johnsons, and lose it. I know I am not alone here.

I went to Portland last week to deliver this to Marianna (and do some other stuff) only to learn that the couple has reconciled. I feel like they should have stayed broken up long enough that this would still be relevant.


My last post was actually about Eric. Much like Adam and Marianna, Eric is awesome. While he was out in the woods "finding himself," which in Eric's case was whittling and taking pictures of interesting fungi, he f-ed up his back and contracted a condition called, "Radiculitis," which sounds fake, but is not. That sentence was unnecessarily long.

Rebecca and I decided to send Eric a care package, which had some candy from an discount candy store and some pizza flavored chips. Rebecca wouldn't let me buy him a Princess Jasmine Pez dispenser because "He would hate that." Whatever. We also made him a mixed CD each. Mine was overly complicated and that made Rebecca up her game and then her CD was actually cooler than mine. If she wasn't my favorite, I would be totally jealous.


This is the cover. I drew the type by hand!


If you read the title tracks one after another, they tell a story. A sad one.

Eric thought I had made both of them (which I found very flattering).