Monday, February 22, 2010

The dino saga continues...

I know all of you fans out there have been waiting with bated breath for the latest installment of "Sahar making a poster of a dinosaur eating some cats." So, we were asked to make a 3D version of our poster.

Step 1. Test your crazy ideas to see if they will even work.
so I wanted to take sort of the spirit of my dinosaur collage without making it too transparent. These were my initial "sketches."

Step 2. come up with different ideas because getting a chihuahua to model for you is really hard sometimes.
So I made this crazy collage thing with pins and foam core, but something was still off.

Step 3. polish polish polish.
Time to photoshop this mofo. Look what I did with the type! I really liked the one where I blurred the crap out if it, but no one else seemed to like it that much. Oh, well.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Poster Process

So in design school, the instructors who aren't terribly insufferable are always talking about the process you go through to get to something good or at least final. So I thought, why not share the process with the ten people who read this (Hi Becky!)? We have also been working on collages to make into music posters for the past few weeks.

Of all the initial collages I made, I decided to work further on was the dinosaur eating the kitties.

Then I realized that I need to add type. I decided on the band, Let's Wrestle because of their silly lyrics and their garage-y, teenage boy vibe.

I wasn't that into the type I drew and I thought that maybe it would be cool to add stuff! Yeah, adding stuff usually makes design better, right? Nope. It didn't. Though I like the idea of a dinosaur barfing or singing at kittens, unfortunately, the execution wasn't as awesome as the idea.

So...yeah, that was a failure. So, I thought about how I could play with space and the viewers expectation of what they are looking at. I also wanted to make it less sweet (I have a "problem" with being too sweet sometimes, not in life (I am a chronic scowler), but in design). This is what I ended up with. I changed the band because the tone of the poster changed from just being playful to being sort of sinister. Also the name MGMT is nice and four letters long, so much easier to make with cut paper.

I am happy with the results. What do you think?

During the time I was playing with the dinosaur posters. I decided to take one of my other posters that I liked and take the concept and go in three different directions.

What could be better than a mushroom dancing ballet? Could it be ...

A foppish dandy with an eggs benedict for a head? Or maybe....?

A piece of lasagna relaxing in a ultra-modern chair with matching ottoman? Sorry, I made these really fast and you can see that I tore one of the legs off and accidentally glued it elsewhere.

Maybe a beef patty dancing dramatically?

Monday, February 1, 2010


This week in my Graphic Design 3 class, we are making collages that will eventually become music posters.

This is the one I am going with. If you can think of a band that would work with this image please share.

Here are the other ones.

my second fave