Tuesday, May 5, 2009

oh, Pandora

So this year, I decided to give pandora another chance. When it first came out years ago, I tried it and it was terrible. It would kick you off for being on it for too long and once, I had a Belle & Sebastian station and it played this, which is actually my least favorite song in the world.

It still has problems, but it is soooo much better (even if it tried to place the Beatles in my twee station. But check this shit out:

Yeah, Pandora. That is not the right cover art.

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samiotic said...

haha. last.fm is pretty amazing. i think you can listen to it as long as you please, and they have pretty much everything. i used to have some kind of unpaid "account" thing that tracked what i listened to and posted it to facebook or something, but it was confusing and pointless and kind of creepy, so i dropped it and just listen as a person on a music website again.