Wednesday, October 20, 2010

These Blogs Are Not Mine, But They Are Still Good.

My wonderful friend Davida started a couple of hilarious blogs. Not enough people are reading or commenting on them and she is sad. So check these out, dudes!

Photos My Phone Took In My Pocket!

This blog features pictures that Davida's very very not smart phone takes in her pocket. Sometimes her phone will take so many pictures of the nothingness in her pocket that her phone starts deleting pictures that were taken on purpose. So sad. Here is a picture taken in her pocket.

Sergent Pluck Speaks "Excellent" German!

This blog is simply awesome. It combines two of my favorite themes in art and literature: Art and German-Stuff. Davida writes in German, a language I am not entirely sure she speaks, a narrative about the life of her beloved kitty, Sgt Pluck. Then she "translates" them back into English using babelfish or something. The results are magnificent.

Here is a taste or Geschmack :

Mein Liebling Fernsehbuchstabe ist- Oscar die Klage. Er lebt in einem Abfalleimer. Ich dachte, möglicherweise meine Miezekatze möchte in einem Abfalleimer leben. Aber sie wollte nicht im Abfall bleiben, also mussten wir sie in ihm halten. Ich dachte, dass sie es möchte, aber sie nicht warten könnte, um hinauszugehen und so erklärt mir, indem sie meowing.

My favourite television actor is Oscar the complaint. It lives in a trash can. I thought, possibly my kitty would like to live in a trash can. But it did not want to remain in the waste, therefore we had to hold it in it. I thought the fact that she would like it, but she not to wait to go out and so explains to me, by it meowing.

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