Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Controversial Opinions I Hold!

Pink Armadillos Are Not a Legitimate Kind of Armadillo. 

Pink armadillos are merely ferrets dressed like She-Ra. Or perhaps albino rats covered in salmon sashimi. 

Comic Sans Really Isn't That Bad. 

If you are complaining about a Microsoft produced typeface, you probably a poseur anyway. I can imagine circumstances where Comic Sans might work, like a graphic about how pink armadillos are inferior to classic armadillos.  Yeah, it's ugly, but lots of things are. Papyrus, however, should be avoided at all costs. It is horrible and I hate it. 

It's Pat Was An Enjoyable Film. 

Bushwick sucks. 

Bushwich only has three trees and every time I go there I almost get hit by a car. Also, once I saw a blond guy with really long dreadlocks speaking French outside a youth hostel. That sort of thing should never happen in America. 

Red Pandas Are Superior to Regular Pandas. 

"Lesser" panda? MY ASS! Regular pandas are scary and shouldn't be alive. Regular pandas do not even want to go on existing! Otherwise it wouldn't be so hard to get them to have sex with each other. 

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Deb Healy said...

Sahar have you noticed how Bible churches are almost always displaying something written in Papyrus? I think this is because many Bible-churchgoers believe that by looking at sacred text in a script that contains an allusion to sacred times, the text will hold Even More layers of meaning. Unfortunately, Papyrus takes up so much space that there isn't enough room for any meaningful phrases. This is my favorite kind of situational humor.