Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Things I Love a Shit Ton

SE Portland
To me the most beautiful place in the world is SE Division to Burnside between E 39th and the Williamette River. 

Interspecies Friendships 

Everyone likes a story about love that overcomes an obstacles. What is a greater obstacle than not being the same animal? Nothing! Big exception to the loveliness of interspecies friendships: Grizzly Man. Those bears were not your friend. 

Stop Making Sense Dance Parties 

Once I was relating to my friend Justin about how I felt watching the Talking Heads perform, "This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)" projected onto a wall, while dancing like a crazy person surrounded by some of the people I love the most in the world. He said, "I think you just described an orgasm." 

When People Sing Kate Bush at Karaoke

This can never go wrong. Kate Bush's songs are very difficult and crazy. So when someone can do it like a baller, it's great! When it is done poorly, it is beautiful in an ugly way, like a Cy Twombly painting. 

Girl Talk's mashup of General Public's "Tenderness" and Jay-Z's "Can I Get a …"

I don't think Girl Talk needs any more compliments, but I find this moment in All Day especially poignant. 

When someone says my name and pronounces it "correctly." 

Yeah, none of you are saying my name the right way. When a native Farsi speaker says, "Sahar," it is comforting like sipping creamy hot soup from a large mug.

Seeing a Dog Do Downward Dog or a Baby Doing Happy Baby

Yoga poses from life! I couldn't find a picture on Google of a baby doing Happy Baby, so here is a sad white lady doing it. 

When people refer to a toilet as a "terrlet."

No explanation needed. 


c true said...

I found an entire Nova special on interspecies friendships, it was amazing!

brooklebee said...

Present for you!