Friday, June 18, 2010

So Many Dinosaurs!

Last weekend, I went to the Portland Zoo with my friend Michelle. I've been to that zoo many times in the six years I lived there. What drew us this time was that they are hosting this animatronic dinosaur exhibition. Here are some highlights.

I love this guy's stupid head.

Michelle wanted to do an imitation.

In other dinosaur news. Remember this?

Which eventually became this?

So, what happened to that dinosaur? Since then, I have decided to emasculate the dinosaur by making it wear this apron I bought in Belgium whose purpose is to decorate wine bottles.

I wish my poster would have looked like these ones that were made for the aforementioned dinosaur zoo exhibition.

1 comment:

Flamingjun said...

I love your dinosaurs and your graphics, Sahar. However, I think it was quite a good idea to emasculate the dinosaur. Very clever. Perhaps the US could use this method on our enemies. Maybe place Kim Jong II in a lacey apron from Belgium. See how he feels then.