Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mix "Tapes"

One of the only things I do really well is make my friends and family mixed CDs (that and write fake, yet believable letters to the editor). I spend days going through iTunes and coming up with a theme and picking out the perfect typeface for the jackets that I make. Yep. I am that person.

Anyway, it was my friend Rebecca's birthday last week and I missed it because I was still in Oregon. So I spent way too much time yesterday working on these.

I entitled them "Dream Husband," "Dream Vacation," and "Dream Apartment." The songs on each mix are tangentially related to the theme.

Yes, that is Sarah Vowell talking to Ira Glass and yes, I do know that they aren't married to each other. It's a DREAM! They would both probably be grossed out to know that there is totally Hall & Oates on this mix.

Dream Vacation! In case you can't tell. That is a picture taken from a plane. Thanks! Flikr!

Dream Apartment! I sort of had a hard time finding songs that work. So I put things like "Electricity" By Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, "Made of Stone" by the Stone Roses, and "Date with Ikea" by Pavement (all pretty sweet songs in their own right).

Crazy Type!

Close up!


Denise_ Film said...

wow! these are awesome.

KelleyO said...

Wow. Great design, great typography. I love Pavement! Mixed feelings about Ikea.
Miss you,
Aunt KO

flea said...

That is a nice thing to do. I make mixes all the time for friends.

I sure hope you put "Holiday in Cambodia" on Dream Vacation. Love themes are too easy. Apartment tougher unless you venture into "home" or "house". Furniture is good too but not a lot of songs about tables and chairs. Maybe this should change?

-Furniture - Fugazi
-The Old Apartment - Barenaked Ladies
-Apartment Story - The National
-Get to the Table on Time - M. Ward
-Anything from Elvis Costello's "Imperial Bedrooms" album or from the only release of "The Rentals"?

Perfect song would be "Hawaii is Nice but It Don't Compare to Your Love in our Dingy Apartment."

Probably have to be a country tune spiced up with beer, pickups and dogs. Hopefully loves mate more than dog but you'll have to write it first.