Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Coco Turned Five (or 35)

Yesterday was Coco, my beloved chihuahua friend's, fifth birthday. Catherine and I forgot to celebrate it last year because we were too frazzled with our lives, but this time around, we were already settled in our new place and excited to have a party.

Catherine decided to make Coco a party hat. I want to point out that Catherine doesn't normally wear this amazing poncho because there is rarely an occasion that warrants it. Later she put on a head band and I told her that she looked like Mischa Barton, but with a much nicer butt.

Will our birthday girl like it?

It looked almost as good on Neima.

We also made some nachos for Coco's human friend. We wanted to celebrate her Mexican heritage. We couldn't share this with her because she would probably have gotten diarrhea. Catherine gave her a dog friendly treat.

Then it was time for brownies!

We used this lighter to light the candle. In case you can't tell, it has a chihuahua on it. My mom brought it back for me from when she was working in Kazakhstan.

Time to blow out the candles, Coco! Okay, maybe not. We'll help you out since it looks like you are afraid of fire.

The party was a little too crazy for Coco and she passed out pretty early.


becky said...

she has a tiny couch!

Leah said...

Oh my dear god... lol