Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Photoshopping Puppy Heads!

As I mentioned in earlier entries, I enjoy making my loved ones elaborate cards and things. And it is no secret that I love puppy dogs, especially their heads.


This card was for Mike, one of my roomies. He is Squirt's dad.

Click to enlarge.

Squirt is a very spirited Shih Tzu. He has doggie version of PICA syndrome and has chewed or completely consumed too many of foreign objects: a set of color pencils, Mike's razor, a dollar, a few paper towels, a pair of socks, a pair of tweezers, the list goes on. He has recently been breaking into my room in hopes that I will drop some popcorn on the floor again. Squirt woke me up before my alarm this morning in fact by barging in and Mike came in chasing him. You can't hit snooze on a moment like that.

It took Mike almost a day to realize that Squirt heads were spelling out his name.


This was made for one of my other roommates, Catherine. She is Coco's owner. I don't think I need to explain Coco to the regular readers of this blog.

This pictures speaks for itself.

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mort said...

Sahara, you should blog about your holy fatha' have been ignoring me.....nothing about me ever....