Monday, January 31, 2011

Pen Pals

One of my New Years resolutions is to start a pen pal exchange project.

The impetus of this is coming from two sources:

1) I spend too much time on my computer. Yes, I realize that I am writing about this on one of my three blogs. I need to not lose all use of my motor skills. My handwriting is getting worse. I used to to draw or paint everyday, and now I only do that once a month. Even when I draw, it's often using a stylus and Adobe Illustrator or Brushes on my iPad. There is something uniquely pleasurable about creating something with your hands that exists in real space.

2) As, I've mentioned several times on this blog, my friend Eric moved to the woods to do his thing this fall. He has since left and now is doing his thing in civilization. While he was there, the only way to communicate with him was through the mail. And while, I have a really hard time romanticizing secluding yourself (Eric didn't even know how the guy who invented Segways died!) or enjoying nature (ew), I thought this was a cool idea. I'll probably keep his letters for a long time (or at least until I move again (j/k)), but I am pretty sure I would have deleted the last email I got from him except that it prominently featured a chihuahua wearing a shirt.

The Rules!

1) I want to get as many people as possible involved because it will be more fun that way.

2) You can't write someone you know, either in real life or the internet. I want to cast a wide net. I am looking for a group of people of different ages, nationalities, and interests. I don't want it to just be a bunch of 20-somethings writing in Brooklyn writing a bunch of 20-somethings in Portland.

3) The letters must be handwritten or at least created using some sort of analogue tool. If you want to use a typewriter or screen print or cross stitch it, that's great. Use whatever you like, as long as you don’t use an electronic devise.

If you are interested please email me: saharloo at gmail with your address. I will gather everyone who is interested and pair them up.

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mort said...

Sahara, I love your snail-mail logo. May I be your epistolary pal?