Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Counting Sheep.

My mom is an active member of the Amsterdam chapter of the Hash House Harriers, a world-wide group of drinkers with a running problem. They are putting together a bike race thing in Texel. They are famous for their sheep. So my mom asked me if I would design something for them to put on a t-shirt.

This was my process.

This was a very sophisticated sketch I made of what I wanted the sheep to be doing.

Then I brought into Adobe Illustrator and made this guy:

But I had forgotten to give him ears. Whoops. So I kept working.

I also added type and a windmill. Still he wasn't edgy enough.

He wasn't Dutch enough, so I added some orange clogs.

Then, I showed it to Mort, my dad. And of course he thought he wasn't getting enough attention as usual and requested his own sheep. Mort is not a very outdoorsy guy, so I changed his sheep around to fit his interests. His sheep is enjoying a Campari with soda while lounging on an Eames chair.

Edit: Mort wanted me to show some photos of his belongings to further explain his mid-century modern sheep.


Campari and other questionable liquors.

Research about sheep.


mort said...

Mort is beautiful in a Midcentury Modern way!

The muscle said...

why would he be drinking campari with soda? even soda water... is he doing that now? I need to stay in the know.

becky said...

The Mort sheep is super incredible!!

KelleyO said...

I love seeing your production process! It was BAA'AA'AA'AAD.
And the sheeps were cute!