Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dutch Discarded Bananas

A year ago, I was in the Netherlands hanging out with my mom for a couple of months and avoiding becoming a valuable member of society. I spent most of my days going to museums and wandering around different cities and taking pictures of whatever I found interesting. Because I am Sahar, the things I found most intriguing were "garbage," "trash," "refuse."

Exhibit A: A Gigantic Pile of Trash Floating In a Canal in Rotterdam.

You get the idea. It goes without saying that Oscar the Grouch was my favorite on Sesame Street.

I noticed a trend among these overly civilized Western Europeans. They liked to litter. More specifically, they like to discard their banana peels willy nilly. I tried to document this phenomenon. Unfortunately, for me and for those suffering from schadenfreude, I didn't see anyone slip on any loose peels.

Would you find any of this appealing?

On a bus to Zandvoort.

On a doorstep in the Hague.

This was actually inside the Gemeente Museum (a world renowned art museum) in the Hague.

Some one in this train to Amsterdam put this in the trash. How quaint.

On the beautiful brick streets of Leiden.

I am not too sure where this picture was taken, but there is something vuglar about the way it is just open and splayed for everyone to gawk at.

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Robin en France said...

Oh yeah, I totally forgot about that! I didn't see so many banana peels anywhere else.