Sunday, February 1, 2009

Color theory and color reality.

So, a lot has changed in the month that's past since my last entry. I moved to New York City and I have been at Parsons the New School For Design for one week. I am going to have to do a Reed College amount of work. What comes ahead is both daunting and exciting.

Today I finished my color wheel for Color Theory. We are going to be graded on precision. Unfortunately, I have the motor skills of a cat. I hope that the instructor will have mercy on me.

I swear I have a system going on here.

The finished wheel.

Even if I am failing at making color wheels, I am seeing pretty color all over.

I've started wearing tights under my leggings. I only have on pair of "real" pants without a hole in them somewhere and it is far too cold here to wear holey jeans. I like making crazy color combination, if I am the only one that gets to see them.

My breakfast the other day was down right comely.

Becca (my new roomie) and I have decided to redecorate.

We just need some more frames and some nails.

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