Thursday, April 29, 2010

cracked out junk food.

I was having a homework party with my friend Caitlin tonight and instead of doing what I was supposed to be doing. I drew this thing, which started out tangentially related to this hamburger clock I am programming, but ended up being something frightful.

As an aaaaaartist, sometimes your work is outside of your control and it's meaning is something even you cannot grasp ... I know...BARF. Anyway, what I think is happening is that the pickle is smoking something illicit. It must be cold because he is wearing a beanie. The hot dog just took a bite out of a corn dog and is horrified to learn that corn dogs are just hot dogs on a stick wrapped in a cornbread-ish substance. Which reminds me of this podcast I heard recently that claimed that certain members of the Donner Party towards the end had the choice between eating wild dogs or fresh corpses and chose the latter because they preferred the taste. Yeah, I am not going to confirm that fact. I am just going to blindly spread it.

As you can see. I really need to use my time more wisely. But if you are looking for comics that are smart, funny, sweet, and a little fucked up, you should check out Hecka Drawings. They are fantastic and more people know about it.

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Ben said...

Thanks for the shout out, Sahar! I think your drawings are smart, funny, sweet, and a little fucked up, too (I also really enjoyed your dad's emails).