Saturday, April 17, 2010

Emails from a Mort

I love my dad. His name is Mort. He is like no other person. I am not being trite or hyperbolic. You really just need to meet him. He is fond of lots of things, like collecting Homies, writing books about what nomads like to wear, and finding the right pocket square to complement his cardigans. One of his favorite hobbies is emailing his friends and family pictures of things that he takes on his Blackberry. It is closest thing you can get to seeing into someone else's brain. Today I decided to blog all the pictures that he sends me today. He is remodeling his house and finding some weird shit, especially in my childhood bedroom. I will update through out the day.

subject: I miss you!

my response: "is that my comforter?"

subject: I still love her

My response: "come back to brooklyn and we can go say hi to her! "

subject: Raspberry-Peach

subject: Nari is Non-Toxic!

"Foywayd to Nari Al-Meleki (if she exists)."

If you really want an explanation for this....I will give it.

subject: Inhumane Punishment of Minors in the Republic of Saharestan

"this is how the dictatress Saharuchka Bajarchova punishes minors in her Central Asian republic.Where is Amnesty Mortennational? Human Rights Watch? The Green Diarrhea Movement?"

my response: "I love my Puppy Surprise!"

his response: "Why did u maltreat him? "

subject: Tea Party Mvmt at Saharestan


subject: "Orientalism" Propaganda at Saharestan

"Edward Said is turning in his grave--this is how the Schajarichovic kulturpropagandische is depicting Scheherzade..."

subject: Proof that Yasmine is Chinese!

subject: Will feel better now!

subject: IngenuiTEA


Logos Mori said...

I only met Mort the once, but I have never forgotten him. Thanks for this awesomeness today, Sahar!

gissita said...

Sahar jan, this is hilarious and made my day

Suzanne said...

Yas is not Chinese, she is Korean

Sahar said...

No, Suz. I am Korean.

bonhomme said...

Hey, I think Mort is pretty awesome. I still have fond memories of when Christian and I ran into you two on Hawthorne Street and had dinner and dessert. It was fabulous.