Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wonderful Things Come in Small Packages

You'd have to be dead inside not to smile when you see a miniature version of something. For some reason or another, for the past year or so my dad and to a less extent my roommate, Catherine, have been giving me miniature things. We have been arranging them on the mantle like some sort of makeshift altar to the lilliputian (one of my dad's favorite words. He uses it several times a day).

A trumpet pin

German-English Dictionaries


Briefcase, closed

Briefcase, opened

Miniature Dogs
Now what perchance could be lounging under that down comforter?

Could it be Coco, the world's greatest chihuahua? She belongs to Catherine, but she hangs out with me all day while I do my exciting design work, like kerning.

Yes! There you are!


I seriously do not know how someone could see Coco and not believe in evolution. Her kind was not in the Garden of Eden. I am sure if they had been, it would have been mentioned in Genesis. It would have gotten it's own chapter and everything.

Tiny Food
Food is also more delicious when it is small. Example: tea sandwiches, mini-bagel dogs, and baby corn.

Croissant from Bakeri. This place is so cute, it is almost overwhelming. They make their own butter and serve tea in bowls. They have the most spherical, rotund, surly baker with dark curly out-of-control mutton chops. It worth the trip just to spend a little while watching him do his thing.

They sell these at Trader Joes.

Chihuahua Scale.

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