Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In summary: I own too many clothes.

I am packing because I am flying out to Portland really early tomorrow morning. I am having a hard time because I hate almost all my shirts. There is just dumb stuff on all of them (pandas, doner kabobs, etc).

panda body, ugly flowers, I am not sure what that is, doner kebab.

It led me to realize that my tastes in clothes is starting to become slightly more conservative (this is relative). I wear black tights now instead of hot pink ones and I've now all, but abandoned my poly-chromatic Aasics, the ones I picked out because they had the most colors, for a pair of black leather Campers.

This could be happening for several reasons. The two most obvious would be:

1) I live in New York City now.

Everyone is sooooooo sophisticated, wearing all black turtlenecks, smoking cigarettes, talking about art. When I lived in Portland, my crazy vintage dresses were not only tolerated. but expected. Once in college, by accident I wore mostly black and several different people asked me if anyone in my family had died.

This is actually completely inaccurate. I live in Williamsburg and I could walk down the street wearing these dresses and a paper bag with a cartoon clown face painted on it and no one would bat an eye. People here look crazy. All mustachioed, wearing green pleated shorts with red bow ties. I saw some dude on the L train the other day wearing wrist warmers bedazzled with crystals. He was totally awesome.

2) I am getting older. GRAY HAIRS! LIVER SPOTS! AARP!

A few months ago my friend Lindsay told me about how she read some article she read about how you really start to feel like an adult around 26. I have no idea if that is a "scientific" fact, but I have an urge to stop acting a fool like I used to. The most obvious area this is showing itself is in the clothes I want to wear. I knew this was happening when I was at a store and I had to decide between two dresses and I chose the more more flattering instead of the more hilarious one.

It is still going to be a while before I start exclusively wearing pants suits from Banana Republic. Here is a pile of garments I might bring with me. If there is room in my suitcase, they are all coming.

All purchased in New York City.

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