Thursday, February 10, 2011

Buck Up, Pal.

My friend got her heart broken once. And then, soon after, she got it broken again, which was dumb on the heartbreaker's part. When this initially happened, I made her a crying mix. This time, I thought I should send her something to make her smile. I decided to make her a very specific kind of care package with stuff I know that she likes and has a significance to our friendship.

I made her a book to complement her first mix.

I had to print it on my beautiful Epson Stylus 1400, also known as my baby.

Then I had to to cut all the pieces out. I even went crazy and used a new blade, so I wouldn't injure myself!

It made some pretty interesting trash.

Then I put it together.

Some images require some explanation, but I think it would be boring except for me and Marianna.

Some images should be enjoyed universally. What is more lovely than a crazy hamster or a baby pug?

Ugly Plaid Shirt

Marianna was wearing ugly plaid before it was cool and will continue to wear it until the day she croaks. Therefore, I knew that an ugly plaid shirt was required.

Even the label was perfect.

When I bought it, the shoulder pads were pre-removed! What a great deal!

Whitman's Sampler.
Do I really need to explain this? I just hope she eats the whole thing in one sitting.


Suzanne said...

You are so sweet..

Alice said...

you are a good friend, and that book is beautiful.

KelleyO said...

Amazing book. Amazing Friend! Sahar --You are unique*

*2(b) see below.

Definition of UNIQUE
1: being the only one : sole < I can't walk away with a unique copy. Suppose I lost it? — Kingsley Amis>
2a : being without a like or equal : unequaled (could stare at the flames, each one new, violent, unique — Robert Coover) b : distinctively characteristic : peculiar 1
3: unusual < a very unique ball-point pen>