Monday, February 28, 2011

Grandmas! Love! Muffins!

Everyone likes grandmas right? They are cute and old and non-threatening. Oftentimes they bake their grandchildren yummy things. Davida, who is also responsible for this blog and this one, has started a new one where people submit beloved grandmother recipes. The latest entry was written by yours truly. Read it! Also admire the banner, it was created by a beautiful genius.


The muscle said...

you know when a title is too long so it just shows up abreviated followed by an elispis? well this one read " Grandmas! Love! Muff...".

Sahar said...

Some grandmas do! Grandmas are just people!

The muscle said...

ya... but just to generalize like that... I'm sure there are plenty of grandmas out there that simply don't care for muff.