Thursday, December 11, 2008

Letting go of my treasures

So, I am moving across the country soon and I am getting rid of like 70% of my stuff. For example, here is a pile of books. Let me give you some context. This is my pile of give-away books after my friend Rachel took two paper grocery bags full of books home with her.

And since I am a girl, I have a lot of shoes and there are several pairs from my past that are worn out/loved too much and that I have finally decided to give away/toss.

These I got in East Berlin the summer of 2005. It was a critical time in my young adulthood (I am laughing at myself as I type this). I was about to move from Portland to Seattle for a year to gain some perspective on things. I wore them almost everyday. They are my favorite type of sneaker, which is apparently not en vogue anymore: slim and economical. Now all the cool sneakers are bulky.

I got these over winter break my freshman year at Reed. They were always a little too big because the store didn't have my size (the curse of having child-sized feet). I think I like them because Becky liked them so much, but she likes anything with the combination of green and orange.

I got these Vans the summer of 2003, when I decided just to hang out in New York for six weeks instead of going back to Texas, where the only thing I had to entertain myself was watching Degrassi reruns on the N. These are the classic kind of sneaker that looks better as it gets dirtier and starts falling apart and starts to feel like you are wearing a pair of comfortable socks.

When I lived in Seattle, I lived really close to this awesome Value Village. I used to go there every week to buy old lady dresses and canvas shoes for $2 a pair. These were my best find. They right shape and the right color at the right time. Unfortunately, they fell apart.

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becky said...

lol i was going to comment on how much i love those shoes even before i read what you wrote about them.
seriously, i've tried to buy them like four times but they stopped making them a million years ago :(
also, wifey still wears asics. and i would probably wear asics if my feet weren't so wide.

also also i will take probably all of those books if you don't want them. except the bible, i already have that one.