Monday, December 29, 2008

Texas Treasures

I was in Texas last week visiting my family. As usual, there were many sights and treasures to behold! First up, some old friends.

A bear bride, a cow my great grandmother made, Woody the Teddy Bear, a bunny with glasses, a bunny princess, and a lioness.

This walrus looks like a buffalo when you look at it upside down.

Molly and some porcelain comrades.

Scott Weaver.

Now for some new-ish friends!

These are some of my dad's mannequins. Yes, he has other mannequins. In fact, he just bought one yesterday, although I don't believe it is a mannequin as much as it is one of those girl-sized Barbies dolls with most of its hair cut off. He found it in a dumpster yesterday. Anyway, the lady-mannequin on the right is dressed in an old school tribal dress that someone we're related to used to wear to traditional tribal weddings in the middle of the last century. It has lots of parts and looks really cool when someone is wearing it and spinning around. The wee guy on the right is...let's take a closer look:

Apparently, back in the day, some Iranian children wore these. This one is really old and not my dad's because he still claims he is 33 years old.

Now for someone we are glad isn't around anymore: Sarah Palin (barffff). So for some reason, this not-spell checked letter came to my dad's house.

Notice anything? Hmmm...let's look closer...

The first word is spelled wrong. Also, why is she even mentioning that she wrote it on Wednesday morning. How is that relevant information? Maybe I am being too elite by just asking that question.

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yasmine said...

when you opened this letter you said..." oooh, score!"