Friday, May 14, 2010

Another Mort Picture Extravaganza

About a month ago, I blogged all the pictures that Mort (my dad) sent me from his Blackberry over the course one day. Everyone seemed to like it, especially Mort, who loves attention. The deal is the same as last time: I will post the pictures as I get them with all his original commentary, "Mortentary," if you will.

Subject: Mort Stangling the Dragon

Subject: How to Practice "An Apple a Day" Stylishly

BONUS! Pictures from yesterday!
Subject: Planned Parenthood Intact

Subject: Planned Parenthood Cracked
1: 44pm

Subject: Geological Survey of Planned Parenthood

Yassi (my sister): is that a cookie? and what does a pyramid of beer cases have to do with planned parenthood.... well i guess there is some correlation.

Subject: RE survey results of Planned Parenthood---da Beet Connextion
2:13 pm
from: Mort

I guess the following happens:
-lots of beer taken from the pyramid pile.
-inebriation and loss of many faculties
-silly laughter and primate-like screams
-unprotected sex mixed with amnesia
-insamination and pregnancy
-"planned parenthood" discussion
-termination of pregnancy
-joining an Evangelically-based "Pro-Life" group
-listening to lots of AM radio
-hating immigrants because they might fuck white women!

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aliciamiracrunch said...

Eric and I sometimes boast to our friends about knowing "The Mort." We are probably inadvertently makings him a Houston urban myth.